Study Abroad: Is Japan An Attractive Destination?

Study Abroad Is Japan An Attractive Destination

Japan is a popular destination for international students and comes with many advantages for those brave enough to make the journey. While living in Japan allows you to learn the language, you can indulge yourself with its rich culture and delicious cuisine. 

To some, Japan is one of the coolest and most innovative cities in the world, offering unique products, services and opportunities you can’t get anywhere else. For students, this is the perfect place to study; it is widely considered a safe country with efficient public transportation. 

Although city centre space is hard to come by, with these transport links, there will be less need to stay directly in the centre. If that wasn’t compelling enough, the universities offer a low tuition fee, which opens a lot of doors after graduation. 

Japan is becoming an increasingly popular destination for international students who are looking for a mixture of cultural experiences and top-notch academics. It’s important to know the positive sides but also if there are any disadvantages to picking an established university so this article will delve into the nitty gritty of studying abroad in Japan.

Study Abroad Is Japan

Why Should You Pick Japan to Study Abroad?

Why Should You Pick Japan to Study Abroad

Scholarship Programmes

Educational institutions in Japan focus not only on academic achievements but also on the development of human quality.

Japan offers only a few scholarship programmes covering all costs of the study, and most only cover part of the fees. This may be hard for some students who rely on scholarships but if you’re qualified, it’s a huge bonus when entering a brand-new country or city.

Scholarship programmes to be aware of:

  1. Reservation Programme for Monbukagakusho Honours Scholarship
  2. Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship
  3. Student Abroad Support Programme

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Quality Education

Quality Education

Japan’s education system is hard to beat and the country ranks first on the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Better Life Index for education. 

You have a vast selection of programmes if you want to spend a short summer studying abroad. They have some of the best universities in the world, and attending the likes of the University of Tokyo and Hokkaido University opens a lot of doors for your future. 

Not to worry if you aren’t fluent in Japanese when you move over; most universities offer English-language classes, meaning you don’t have to change your decision based on a temporary language barrier.

Although Japanese culture has a very strong work ethic, it’s not for everyone, and they don’t usually agree with vacations and sick days. This is something to be mindful of when studying and working in Japan.

Low Tuition Costs

If a scholarship isn’t on the cards, don’t worry about massive yearly fees, as the tuition fees are relatively low compared to areas such as the United States of America, which sometimes triple the price.

It is arguably the same if you are studying in the UK, so although you miss an advantage, it still offers you a different way of life and a whole different experience that you would pay for at home, so the decision is where you would rather spend that money.

Better Job Opportunities

Studying in Japan is a valuable experience. While you are studying, you’re also learning one of the most popular languages, which is a huge advantage in the world of business. It is also a huge stepping stone to some professional opportunities that you wouldn’t have access to back home. 

Japan is one of the largest economically developed countries, with huge companies like Sony, Toyota and Nintendo having worldwide spheres of influence and offices in the United States and Europe.

Authentic Cuisine

Authentic Cuisine

Good news for food lovers; studying abroad in Japan gives you access to tasty, authentic Japanese cuisine. 

They are famous for many things, but their culinary delights are sushi, ramen, mochi and Japanese-style curries, all of which are healthy and very delicious. Think that if you ever get hungry, they have vending machines all around the city that give you meals, warm or cold, as well as shops full of yummy Japanese delights that you just can’t get anywhere else. 

It is truly a unique experience and the perfect place for a study full of motivation and curiosity.

Culturally Rich

Culturally Rich

One of the most thrilling things about studying abroad in Japan is the opportunity to experience Japanese culture firsthand. The entertainment sector is continuously expanding in Japan and offers a range of unique experiences that you can’t get in the Westernised world. If you’re into flashy, high-tech, anime, gaming, karaoke and the rest, then Japan is the place for you.

Japan has a strong appreciation for its history and culture, which it still strongly celebrates to this day. Enrich yourself by attending a transition Kabuki drama or a live-action sumo match or better yet, get involved with some of the action and enrol in a ninja-training or samurai course so ensure to pack your gym leggings and start your alternative fitness journey. While Japan might seem like an extremely fast-paced way of living, there are activities and ways to relax in this city. They are renowned for their Japanese tea ceremonies and love for practising the art of Zen. You too can slow down by visiting the Buddhist temple and calming your mind and soul during exam season. You get the best of both worlds when studying in Japan.

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